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Fire and evacuation assistants


Who may take the course? 

Persons who are to perform or already perform the function of a fire protection assistant (m/f/d) in the company.


In many cases fires can be extinguished by fire protection assistants (m/f/d) in the initial phase of a fire. Trained fire protection assistants (m/f/d) are important persons in the first phase of a fire who can prevent worse.


The appointment of fire protection assistants fulfills the requirements of fire departments, fire insurers, employers' liability insurance associations, regulatory and building authorities. They receive practical training and instruction in the use of manually operated fire extinguishing equipment. They acquire knowledge of the dangers posed by fires and, in particular, by fire smoke.


Fire protection basics

  •  Legal basis in fire protection  
  • Physico-chemical principles of combustion and extinguishing  
  • Preventive fire protection in buildings   
  • Goals, organization and methods of operational fire protection
  • DIN 14096: Fire protection regulations parts A – C 

Fire safety instruction

  •  fire alarm devices; Signage
  • Defensive fire protection: behavior in case of fire, firefighting with fire extinguishers
  • Personal hazards from fire and personal protective measures  
  • rescue of persons and initiation of evacuation of buildings; escape routes
  • Alerting, instruction and support of the emergency services (e.g. fire brigade) 


  • Instruction on a portable fire extinguisher  
  • Extinguishing tactics during extinguishing attempts
  • Extinguishing exercises with portable fire extinguishing equipment 


There are no special requirements to be met

Lenght of time

3,0 h


Preis: 98,00 EUR (zzgl. gesetzl. MwSt.)


Datum: 07.09.2023

Uhrzeit: 09:00Uhr bis 12:00Uhr

Ort: Stiftung das Rauhe Haus, Beim Rauhen Hause 21, 21111 Hamburg

Schulung-Nr.: 09/23/BSH/engl/Hamburg

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